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Accelerated Course


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“What you think is important greatly influences your trading behavior. The essential skill is the ability to accurately connect our actions with the layers of consequences related to those actions. This skillset is generally governed by three main categories of awareness: environmental, personal, and interactional. If one understands their environment, their place within it and is able to connect specific actions with specific consequences then it is simply a matter of choosing the right actions.”


Group coaching

What You'll Learn

  • Students will be provided with the necessary information, guided practical application, and resources to become a successful trader in the Live Market.

  • Terrasoari aids in the development of a specific style of trading that can be clearly defined and applied successfully over time.

  • We provide the highest quality of coaching and mentorship for the student during and after the successful completion of the course.

Who Are Ideal Students


To be a successful trader requires patience, commitment, discipline, and determination. Many of the same qualities people associate with entrepreneurs, and treating this as a business will ensure you have the right mindset for coaching

Name, Title



Whether you are an experienced trader or starting out with absolutely no knowledge of stocks, and the stock market, staying open to concepts and ideas, and having a willingness to learn will be key in your success in the program

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All Walks Of Life

It really doesn't matter where you are from, what you do for a living, or that you don't have an "Ivy League" education. If you have the right attitude and commitment to the process you can become a successful trader. Our members come from all walks of life, from truck drivers, business owners, tech and corporate management. What unifies them all is attitude and mindset

Program Requirements


2 Online (1 hour each) meetings per week for

8 weeks


6-8 Hours Per Week


Interaction with the Coach and Course Materials


Clear and honest communication with your coach

Program Structure

Personal Tailoring


Everyone has the same distance to cover in this course regardless of their starting point. It is designed in layers that leverage your personal aptitude to develop your personal trading style.

  • Inverted Classroom

    • Much of the content in this course will be learned in videos prior to your meeting with your coach.

    • In your meetings, you and your coach will discuss, refine, and demonstrate an understanding of key content and concepts prior to moving on to the next module.

  • This immersive course has been proven by data to be extremely effective at educating its students on the essential influencing factors necessary to be a successful trader.

  • It provides the necessary guided experience to formulate and refine your specific trading plan.

  • It dives deep into the mental aspects of trading by addressing common and uncommon behavioral pitfalls that traders exhibit over time. This holistic approach was derived over 10 years with roots in psychology, philosophy, financial systems, economic theory, history, military, martial arts training systems, sustainability, and systems theory.

  • The tools, concepts, and teaching methods of this course are unique in that they combine mindset, financial trading theory, coaching, mentorship, proprietary software, and community for the sole purpose of practical application in the Live Market.

  • The result is a life-changing experience in which the student receives everything needed to be successful in the market over time.


The Terrasoari Coaching Course has two main tracks: Stock and Options. They both share the same baseline training. The specific contextual and conceptual differences are managed by the instructor and are derived from your training objectives, discussed with your coach in your initial orientation. The two tracks diverge approximately halfway through.

Course Content

Module 1: Mindset Training

Module 1:

  • Everything is connected. Your trading will be a reflection of your personality, but first, you have to know what to look for. Virtues of a Master is our recipe for learning new skills and in this case, we will be applying it to trading the market.

    • We will be talking about the many bad habits of beginner traders and how to identify yours.

    • Once identified, we discuss very specific recipes to beat them.

    • You will be setting up your own Trading Virtues at this time.

    • All students will receive their Cornerstone Trade Log and specific instruction on how to utilize the tool. This incredible tool is included in the training.

Module 2: Market Theory

Module 2:

  • The Market is the most influential factor for a systematic trader.

  • Begin you trading practical application with our simulator in order to demonstrate proficiency of Market knowledge.

  • Discuss and review case studies that illuminate the influence that the Market has on specific styles of trading.

Module 3: Volume and Momentum Theory

Module 3:

  • Volume has a massive impact on the quality and state of trends.

  • Discuss and review momentum of trends and how to identify the current state of a trend by using knowledge from Module 1 and 2.

  • Discuss case studies related to the practical application of volume identification and demonstrate proficiency at determining a trends risk.

Module 4: Support and Resistance

Module 4:

  • Every trade has a window of opportunity. Within that window exists a gradient of risk.  

  • Discuss and review support and resistance theory and how to integrate the previous Modules into your trading plan.

  • Discuss case studies related to the practical application of support and resistance.

Master Class 1: Price Action Theory, Advanced Application in Live Market

Module 5:

  • Identifying price action patterns is a key concept for the Live Market transition.

  • Discuss and review price action theory and how it integrates it into your trading practice.

  • Specific Options or Stock considerations depending on you track.

Master Class 2: Trade Style Defining, Advanced Application In Live Market

Module 6:

  • Filters/ CT/ Genius Modes/ Smart Lists

  • Specific Options or Stock considerations depending on you track.

  • Live Market skill refinement and nuance discussions

Master Class 3: Trade Style Development, Advanced Application In Live Market

Module 7:

  • Adaptation of Specific Layered Trading plan

  • Live Market skill refinement and nuance discussions

  • Sustainability plan design

Master Class 4: Advanced Style Refinement & Sustainability Practices

Module 8:

  • Live Market skill verification and certification

  • Sustainability plan verification and certification

  • Graduation, Genius Modes Endorsement and Induction into Terrasoari Alumni.

Post Graduation Benefits


You're an alumni now and that means you are on your way, but sometimes you might need a checkup or two. We have Bi-monthly meetings for all alumni as well as individual meetings as needed to make sure you are set up for success. 


Have questions?  Want to speak with a coach? We're here and ready to help you.

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