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Bear Course Final Quiz

Choose the best answer from the available choices. One response must be selected for each question.

Which of the following is NOT a component of a bear market?
Which of the following are factors that make it so difficult for large money management institutions to react/adapt to bear markets?
What are some reliable signs that a bear market is probably coming soon?
What is the primary driver of economic crashes?
Beyond the primary driver from your answer to question #1, what behavioral phenomenon fuels bear markets and makes them even more severe?
True or False: Being prepared with the right mindset, tools, and education can help you avoid emotional decisions, even when the rest of the economy is panicking.
How do the cycles we observe in the natural world differ from cycles in the stock market?
How do the opinions of individual investors and the total stock market's momentum create bear market conditions?
How do the prices of speculative stocks generally change when a bear market starts?
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