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Bear Course Quiz 3

Choose the best answer from the available choices. One response must be selected for each question.

Which of the following is the number one success factor for your trading/investing plan to survive and thrive in a bear market?
True or False?: It is possible to prepare your stock trading or investing strategy for a bear market BEFORE it happens.
Which of the following are consequences of having the best tools, a disciplined and dedicated mindset, and a proven plan in place once the bear finally comes?
How does your mindest affect how long you stay in a bear market?
Which of the following will likely be the MOST DIFFICULT to sell, once the bear market strikes?
True or False?: The type of investments you've chosen will affect how quickly you can adjust to a bear market.
Which of the following is an example of a legitimate, refined bear plan?
Why is the timeframe I choose to trade such an important factor during a bear market ?
True or False?: You need to learn a whole new method of reading stock charts to successfully trade inverse ETFs during bear markets.
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