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DOWNLOAD our software


There are only a few simple steps to be on your way:

  1. Run the installation software by clicking here. This link can be found on our Discord Server as well.

  2. During installation it will say the software is from UpMedia. That's the certificate to show it's from us.

  3. After installation, you might need to reboot your Computer. (If you need to reboot, it will tell you that.)

  4. Start the program from the Start button (bottom left of your screen). Start -> Programs -> Trading Works.



  • Windows XP, 7, 8.1, 10 etc (or Mac/Unix with Windows emulator: BootCamp or VM Ware, etc).

  • 0.1 GB of disk space. (very low footprint)

  • 0.2 GB of RAM for (Day Trader Live or Replay) programs.

  • Speakers are helpful for the Day Trading.

We strongly recommend having 2 monitors (or one BIG monitor) for Day Trading. There have been many screen/space optimizations to show everything you need on one screen. However, it's much easier to do this work with more screen space. If necessary, after you start making a profit, please invest in better computer equipment (more monitors). A computer with an i7 processor is noticeably better. An SSD drive and a minimum of 8 GB of RAM are normal minimums these days for a fast inexpensive machine.

We use this software for our own trading.


If you also have a microphone, you can record your own sounds / voice for the stock names.



Virus scanners often block ports or programs. You need to allow the following programs to access the internet and generally be accepted:

On Windows XP these files will be installed in this folder: C:\Program Files\TGenius
On Windows 7 to 10, the files will be in C:\Program Files (x86)\TGenius

  • WSGenius.exe = starting program

  • IBDataFeed.exe = Gets Live data from Interactive Broker

  • wsgDay.exe = Live Day Trading

  • wsgDatabag.exe = Holds fresh data

  • wsgTrain.exe = Replay practise program

  • wsgRecorder.exe = Plays alerts and tells you about stocks that are moving well

  • wsgSupport.exe = Disagnostics when you want support staff to assist

  • wsgStats.exe = Deep analysis of statistics

  • wsgUpdate.exe = Gets updates of software


In my experience, NORTON has been a problem for many users. We have used Dexter "Eset" NO32 program for many years and rarely had a problem. They've been very helpful on that rare occassion. NORTON, AVAST, KASPERSKY users have had varying degrees of on-going issues. "Suddenly the system is not working" has always been a cause by those other anti-virus programs.




If you have Norton, you will need to add rules to allow the software in the program files FOLDER as well as the specific files (above). I've seen that Norton was turned off but still prevented the programs from being installed or running. Get their online support people to set those rules up for you. It's tricky stuff and you shouldn't have to deal with that. They include that with their service.


Right click on Avast ball in the tray.
    -> Avast shield control
        -> disable for 10 minutes.

Do the update for TG and then immediately re-activate your Avast by right clicking the Avast ball again: Avast shield control -> Enable all shields.


If you are a guest at a hotel, they might need to open specific web addresses.
Many hotels lock down their internet to just approved sites. Ask their IT staff to allow access to:




Interactive Brokers does a good job but isn't 100.000% perfect. They are the best, and that's all we can hope for.

If you are outside the USA, you must set your timezone to one of the five that IB supports for options trading. You can be in any country, and have an account with them. However, the data feed only works properly with any-USA timezone, London, Japan. If the timezone isn't one of these, then the stock data acts strangely (get some data for 30 minutes).

You can download Interactive Brokers Trader Workstation here: Download

Installation Troubleshooting
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