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Course Introduction
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If you want to learn how to successfully day trade stocks and options this is the course for you! 

Following our proven methods of coaching, the Day Trading Stocks & Options course gives you everything you need to be a successful trader. It covers three specific areas, each building on the next.

Section one: Basic training covering your base knowledge and providing a clear understanding of Day Trading with subjects such as starting effectively, the right tools, elements of a good strategy, testing with filters, and testing your strategy.

Section two: Foundations, which are absolutely critical to be a consistent and successful trader. Here we discuss self-focus, measuring results, maintaining performance, and much more.

Section three: Is where everything comes together, and we give you the "secret sauce" to the training. This section will elevate your trading skills and knowledge to help you act confidently and consistently when you trade. You'll have a well-formulated, proven personal trading plan and a community of like-minded people there to support and encourage you.

We have incorporated a number of tests throughout the course that you can choose to take to help keep you on track, but they also count towards your "Casual Trader/Genius Mode" endorsement. If you decide that you want to access these tools an endorsement from one of our coaching staff is required. This allows you the use of our highest level of trading tools and admittance to our closed Facebook group, The Profit Zone. 

Hear what some of our members have to say:

"This was my best investment to date. The software tools they have are cutting edge. The community is like a family, everyone working to achieve the same goal". - Jeff R. - Florida

“A few months ago, I looked at Trader Genius, I will admit I was skeptical as I read reviews and spoke with staff at Trader Genius about the software. I almost did not go through with the training, looking back I am grateful I decided to move forward. This week with the help of Trader Genius, I completed what I would refer to as my foundation phase. I completed over 300 practice trades, the first 100 trades I struggled to overcome my internal issues that have kept me on the wrong side of the market for too many years to mention. Trader Genius kept in contact with me, helping me understand the psychology and mindset I had developed over the years. Over the next 200 practice trades, we worked on and corrected the issues that had stopped me from being a successful trader. With the expert guidance I received, I was able to take my trading to an 87% accuracy with an average profit of over 10% per trade." Bill P.-Maryland

"I’ve been a member of the TG community for some time and can attest that this is one of the most positive minded group of people I’ve encountered. The tools themselves are incredible but what makes this work for me is the people involved. The software itself came from a ‘pay it forward’ type of mindset and has developed over the years into a world-class trading system. The coaches and other traders in our community are supportive of one another and are just an email or chat session away.  Our friendly online meetings are casual in nature, but serious in that we are all trying to improve our technical skills and proper mindset.

Scott B - Ontario

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All Backed By Our Unconditional 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!  

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