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Step 1 Get your FREE 30-day trial, (NO credit card information required, NO obligation, NO Risk) by pressing the link below. This gives you access to our trading software and 1 free group training session.


Step 2 – Sign up. We don't need much info, just name, email and phone number so the coach can reach out. We offer various optional coaching packages, if you decide that's something you want to pursue, just ask your coach that helped you during the 30 Day Trial to find out more, or check out the coaching tab.

Step 3 – Once you are familiar with the system and have it set-up for your trading style, then
start using it! You'll enjoy how user friendly, intuitive and simple to use the system is, regardless of the type of trading/investing you are doing.

Important Note: Our coaches are just that, coaches, they are not sales people and won't try to "sell" you anything. We are quite protective of our community and believe that the best community members are ones that are really ready to take control of their financial futures. If that is you, great! If it's not...that's perfectly ok too! 

Learn More About Trader Genius Here

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