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Get a competitive advantage by offering a true value added educational service for attracting & keeping employees 

Learn & Grow Program

In today's post Covid and competitive employee environment it is becoming harder to standout and differentiate yourself. Whether it's attracting talent, or keeping talent, providing unique and real value added benefits can be challenging for many reasons.

We recognized this gap in HR's toolbox and have developed an innovative solution. Using our proprietary software and world class educational system, we offer our "Learn & Grow"  program. 


In brief, the commercial membership provides a real tool for your employees to understand stock trading and investing for both the short and long term. They will gain confidence and valuable knowledge of the stock market within a learning environment that can be tailored and adjusted to meet peoples needs over time. You will be providing them a valuable tool that can help them address one of the most common concerns of employees, financial wellbeing.

Not sure how important this is? According to the most recent MetLife  2021 employee benefits report, (among many others) "Due to COVID-19, employees are placing increasing value on feeling safe, protected, and prepared across all areas of well-being—and they need employers to restore that sense of security through benefits and other support"....."Employees also want financial and other protections from today’s unknowns, which will require employers to rethink what “protection” means to their workforce, employees, and workers’ families."


  • This is an educational program so there are no compliance concerns. 

  • It provides a tangible, real, long term knowledge that can improve employee engagement, contentment and ideally increased productivity

  • It is designed as an ancillary benefit that complements any existing investment/401K plans

  • OR it can be offered as a form of benefit for companies that do not offer 401K plans.  

  • The program includes introductory small group education sessions, and then 24/7/365 On-demand video coaching for the life of the commercial membership.

  • Simple integration plans to minimize the amount of time and effort needed to implement and launch. Because no one in HR is sitting around looking for things to do, right?

  • This is a specific program for Commercial accounts so contact us to discuss pricing options.

To find out more details contact us directly at: or complete a contact form via the link below:


We look forward to showing you how you can gain a competitive advantage through this innovative program.


See highlights of the program in this second interview for ASBN

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