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IG Basic Quiz 2

Choose the best answer from the available choices. One response must be selected for each question.

For what period of time does an investor typically aim to hold a position?
When should an investor consider selling all or a portion of an investment?
What's the primary reason the economy falters periodically, creating stock market cycles and crashes?
What is a simple method you can use to tell whether the economy is in a temporary dip or a longer downturn?
How do you find good companies to invest in while the overall market is moving down?
What's the best way to decide if a company's stock value is turning around, making it an investment opportunity?
How can you use simple consumer behavior patterns to find investment opportunities, regardless of inconsistency in the overall market?
What information does an agile, intelligent investor use to determine the "sunrise" and "sunset" of companies, within their business life cycle?
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