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Limitless Trading Mindset

Trading is no different than any other craft. Focus on your practice and allow yourself to deliberately adapt based off the consistent byproducts of your practice. Nonnegotiable and consistent dedication to rules that produce favorable byproducts is a way to ensure that you have rules and are following them. Take detailed notes about what you are doing and make following the rules your focus so that success can emerge over time.

Perfection is a fool’s errand because there are too many known and unknown variables in the market. This is not the focus. Allow yourself to let go of perfection and dance with the market. This moves us constantly towards meaningful play. Play does not mean carelessly playing with rules that emerge from practice and experience. It does mean exploring within the boundaries of the rules and expanding them slowly so that we can observe the time-tested byproducts of that exploration and develop our practice.

Play must be on a general heading for the practitioner if there is to be meaningful progress in a skill set. We learn by the quality of our focus in our repetitions parallel to being willing to discover along that infinite journey.


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