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A Bear Market Does NOT Need To Be A Scary Thing! 


This Course Is Packed With Information That Will Help You Quickly And Easily Develop A Plan To Profit..Yes, Profit!

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Course Introduction
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  • 4 Info Packed Sections we cover a lot of information, but condense it to the most important and digestible pieces, each layering onto the next. By the end of the course you will be able to develop your own actionable plan and sleep like a baby when the next bear comes!

  • Introduction Section: Lays down valuable insights on the background and fundamentals of the markets. How they work, what happens and why.

  • Section 1: History - In this section you'll uncover the historical why's and when's of market crashes. Although no one can accurately predict exactly when one will occur, this section looks at the various events and market movements that have happened and what we might learn from them.

  • Section 2: Strategy - Answers questions like: What are profitable strategies that have worked in these markets before? There are some! Is it better to just "hold" or "adjust" when the Bear comes? What can you do under different circumstances in a Bear? What tools are available to help me?

  • Section 3: Action - Where the rubber meets the road! this section builds on the first two and gives you real world examples of actions that can be taken. How to prepare your own action plan. What adjustments you may want to prepare for a defensive action, and how to develop your own plan to profit!

When you sign up now you will get access to your personal membership area, and receive 3 Free Bonuses:
  • Daily Dozen e-Report: 12 months of our popular daily stock service. Delivered directly to your email at the end of each trading day, this mobile friendly, easy-to-read report provides you with our system generated, most active stocks of the day. It's a great place to start your stock review process, and over a $500 value for FREE! 
  • Bear Talks 1 & 2: Podcasts that are packed with valuable gems of information for you to use. Combines they are approximately 90 minutes of Bear Market and Stock Market information delivered in a conversational and easy to follow format.
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All Backed By Our Unconditional 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee!  

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