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Our Guiding Principles


Physical and intellectual property of Terrasoari  is intended for qualifying members only.  It is neither to be duplicated nor shared with unqualified personnel without expressed written consent.


Members are expected to be truthful and forthcoming. All communication will be conducted with honest intent.


Taking ownership for one’s actions is expected of all members. Terrasoari  embraces a culture of personal and professional growth.


We treat fellow members as we would expect to be treated: with dignity and regard for their value as human beings. Any harassment and/or discrimination against other members, for any reason, will not be tolerated.

The Terrasoari Way

The Terrasoari Community was founded on the hard work and dedication of many very motivated people. We have developed a system for anyone willing to do the work to find their exact process and have the best tools to implement their strategies. We have learned over and over that this is inevitably not enough. The only way we have found for people to be successful is to relentlessly and diligently practice in order to discover their own personalized rules for their trading system that fits their personality.
The Cornerstone Teaching Method facilitates discovery through first-hand experience, individual adaptation and personalized guidance. The responsibility ultimately falls on the individual to work through their specific obstacles until they find their style, as we are each unique. This can only happen at the individual level due to the nature of trading. If you have taken Coaching then you have everything you need to refine your specific process until you find your specific trading style. It will take focus, discipline, dedication and the correct environment to work. Have confidence in your own experience and trust the training. Continue to adapt until you run out of problems to solve. YOU CAN DO THIS! The only thing left is what you do about it.
Our private chatroom is a place to learn from mistakes, support one another and celebrate fellow members sticking to their process and achieving their goals. If you are not where you want to be then you have personal work to do. Practice until you’re sure what your style is and stick to it. Contact your coach to see if you’re on the right path. Keep it simple. KEEP GOING! Continue adapting and never allow obstacles to pull you off your path. They are a large part of the journey. Stay focused and diligent in your pursuit.  Embrace and learn from your failures, because there will be a lot. Working through those failures are the only way to progress here. Success is just around the corner for those that are non-negotiability committed to finding their practice.
Terrasoari is our Tribe’s name. Our Mission is to help each other achieve our goals. If your having trouble you are not alone. Reach out to a Coach or a Master trader. That is their function in our family and they are there for a reason. Hold yourself and one another accountable. This is a critical function of our club and what glues us together. Above all, live by the standards you created in your training and never stop improving them. That is the whole point after all.


Member Highlights

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Real Results

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