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Endless Adventures

What is the biggest problem in paragliding?

How do we fund all of the adventures we want to have?

Time is a scarce resource for all of us but doesn’t have to be. Unfortunately paragliding is not a cheap activity. Saving up just enough money to go on the next adventure is a recipe for perpetual modern day financial enslavement. This is a big problem but is there a better way to fund our adventures that is actually realistic?

Hello, my name is Steven and I am a USHPA Advanced Paragliding Instructor.

I used to work a full-time JOB and instruct paragliding every free second so I could be in a beautiful place and trick myself into thinking I was in charge of my finances and life. This idea looped in my head for years. Turns out, it was an illusion masked by the power and beauty of paragliding in paradise. My wife (Da Babe) and I were seemingly living our dreams but something deep down was out of alignment. Our passion for flying obscured us from being able to see the truth.

One day my mentor and paragliding instructor from the beginning decided to move away to continue to develop his life practice in other areas. This triggered a deep reflection that slowly amplified into action over the course of two years. It felt like a glitch in the matrix of my mind the whole time. This was my mentor and most trusted friend and now he was moving on to continue his journey somewhere else. It was a big deal to me.

One day I woke up in my condo that was 2 minutes from my favorite flying site and I knew I had to make a big change. This change would require a short-term sacrifice for a long-term benefit. Wait! We spent the previous 4 years creating this dream lifestyle and now had to change? We were in paradise and doing the thing we loved most almost every day. What's the problem here? A more critical analysis was needed. We were also trapped inside the financial system and controlled by the will of others stuck in the same loop. This is a huge problem many don’t realize they are in. Once we realized what was actually going on we knew we had to change. That day we decided to launch into the unknown.

Everything we have done from that point on was to do two things. Create more freedom and detach ourselves from the control of others as much as possible. After totally committing to our goals and a little time, we started to see success. We are now living the lifestyle we dreamt about with the freedom we imagined only one year ago. We had some help along the way from family, friends and mentors but we now have a financial system that will continue to grow for the rest of our lives and does not require a 9-5 job. That leaves a lot of time for adventures by the way.

I am sharing this with you because we would not be able to do this if it were not for some special people along the way that helped us out. I would not have even know that this thing existed. The trading and investing software responsible for our successful transition is called Trader Genius (@trader.genius). I have had the pleasure of seeing it develop from a very small thing only a few knew about to now where it has an entire community of people on the same adventure.

Like paragliding, Trader Genius has had its own dramatic evolution. Over two decades of simplification and team development has gone into this amazing system. Now it has been reduced to only the things that have been tested to work. Hint… Most things on the market, even the official things the big brokers use DO NOT WORK. A little research in the right direction highlights the massive distraction designed by specific people who benefit from the traditional system. We know because we have tested them all and the results are conclusive. This is why we needed to develop our own indicators that work and can be tested, but don’t trust me. Try it out yourself and see what you think with a risk free 10-Day trial with free Basic Coaching.

We paragliders have to stick together. If you don't love the system after 30-days we will refund every cent of your money so there is not need to worry. It’s time to take flight into a better future with endless adventures.

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